Boulder Walls and Outcroppings

Boulder Walls Minneapolis, MNMost people find it hard to imagine that rock and boulders can add to the overall beauty of the landscape. They don’t see the point in wasting time and money on such relatively useless installations. However, when our landscape designers here at McNeill Landscape show them pictures of properties with boulder walls and outcroppings, they’re impressed with the effect. Rocks and boulders have their own beauty and add a natural, rustic element to the landscape.

We have turned several prim and artificial-looking landscapes into more natural and organic spaces in Excelsior, Minnetonka, Hopkins, Eden Prairie, Chaska, and Edina. Our clients are pleased with the overall results and like the effect of the stones and outcroppings. We’ve installed several new landscapes in Chanhassen, Mound, Shakopee, Plymouth, and Saint Louis Park and have used outcroppings and rock walls in them as well.

How We Install Boulder Walls and Outcroppings

Landscape boulders should be placed strategically or they’ll stand out awkwardly and disrupt the entire design. Some designers just don’t have the experience or the eye to place these installations well. We have the skill and the experience to handle this well. We make sure that your landscape looks natural and the boulders don’t look out of place. Here’s how we plan these installations:

Boulder Walls Minneapolis, MN
  • Assessing the Landscape – We study the landscape and the grade carefully before we plan. That helps us understand just where we should place stones and boulder walls. We want the walls and rocks to be a natural part of your landscape and the only way to do that is to understand where rocks might naturally land.

  • Planning the Placement – Once our designers have all the information they need, they’ll plan the placement of the stones and boulder walls carefully. Their intention is to ensure all stones and walls blend in naturally with the landscape and don’t look odd. This is important because there’s always a chance they’ll look misplaced and disrupt the overall design.

  • Grading – It’s important to grade the land well and work with the natural terrain before we install the walls and boulders. These rocks and walls won’t balance well or remain anchored to the ground if the land doesn’t support them. Boulder walls often act as retaining walls and will allow us to shape the landscape to our requirements. That requires grading as well.

  • Installation – The final step is installation. These rocks and boulder walls are heavy and should be installed carefully to ensure they don’t move or tumble down from their position, even when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Our experienced installers will make sure that the boulders are placed securely on the ground.

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